- Home beauty device for skin brightening

  • Product Description

Your Ultimate Home Beauty Solution! Effortlessly achieve a brighter, more radiant complexion with our innovative beauty device. Utilizing advanced cold stimulation technology, CB effectively reduces melanin production, resulting in visibly lighter skin. The uniquely designed mask seamlessly conforms to all face shapes, ensuring a comfortable fit for everyone. Personalize your skincare routine effortlessly through our user-friendly interface, while seamless network connectivity keeps you updated with the latest beauty advancements. Embrace the future of skincare with CB – enjoy precise temperature control, adaptability, and stunning results. Say farewell to expensive salon visits and welcome the era of radiant, flawless skin!


  • Engineering

Our groundbreaking at-home beauty device, COOLBRIGHT (CB), integrates a range of engineering elements that deliver meticulous control over cold temperatures, all while providing comprehensive and comfortable coverage for your entire face. The following is a more detailed explanation of these crucial features.

- Temperature Control with Flexible Peltier Device: Central to our innovation is the integration of a flexible Peltier device, capitalizing on its unique attributes of flexibility, expansive coverage, lightweight construction, and rapid temperature modulation. Unlike the conventional rigid Peltier devices, our flexible version seamlessly conforms to the contours of the face, ensuring uniform temperature distribution across the entirety of the facial region.

- Coolant Circulating Mechanism: Elevating temperature control to new heights, our device incorporates a sophisticated coolant circulating mechanism. This mechanism allows for rapid temperature adjustments with precision.

- Versatile Face Adaptation Mechanism in the CB Mask: Recognizing the diversity of facial shapes and dimensions, we've meticulously engineered a unique mechanical mechanism for the CB mask. Comprising two sections linked by adjustable hinges on the left and right, this design accommodates individual variations by enabling the expansion or contraction of space between the sections. This arrangement allows the mask to adapt seamlessly to a multitude of facial profiles– be it angular, broad, round, pointed, or any other distinctive shape.

- Intuitive User Interaction: Recognizing the importance of a simple and intuitive user experience, we meticulously crafted the device with an emphasis on simplicity. Despite its advanced technology, the device offers a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and effortless to navigate. Users can seamlessly configure and find tune temperature and other settings to their liking with ease.

- Seamless Network Connectivity: To provide continuous enhancement and real-time updates, our device comes equipped with seamless network connectivity. This integration empowers users to receive software upgrades remotely, guaranteeing that their device remains at the forefront of the latest breakthroughs in beauty and skincare technology.

- Patents: We hold a number of patents related to this product, including;

  1. Registered (11): US 10,736,576; US 11,207,032; US 10,533,780; US 10,736,576; US 11,287,890; US 11,755,116; KR 10-2,326,234; KR 10-2,311,788; KR 10-2454844; KR 10-1,989,908; KR 10-2,461,586
  2. Applied (8): US 17/239,216; US 17/529,895; US 17/917,914; KR 10-2016-0157736; KR 10-2020-0064982; CN 202110527535.4; CN 202210526960.6; CN 202210526940.9 
  3. Licensed: (Registered, 4) KR 10-2,200,465; KR 10-2,352,140; KR 10-2,352,145; KR 10-2,352,150;  (Applied, 2) KR 10-2022-0,003,778; US 17/631,405

In summary, our groundbreaking home beauty device, CB, is the culmination of cutting-edge engineering, delivering unparalleled temperature control precision, adaptability to diverse facial profiles, user-friendly operation, and ongoing updates and improvement via network connectivity. With this array of pioneering engineering elements, our goal is to redefine at-home beauty and skincare regimens, presenting a personalized and impactful solution tailored to users of all facial contours.

  • Design

- Ergonomic: Meticulously designed and developed to guarantee a comfortable and secure fit on your face, whether you're sitting or lying down at home. This design ensures that the device remains secure and cozy, enhancing your overall experience.

- User Interface: Engineered with simplicity in mind, our design boasts effortless button controls for an exceptionally user-friendly experience. Additionally, it offers operational feedback via intuitive sound cues, further enhancing comfort and ease of use. Furthermore, the device features network connectivity, facilitating smooth program updates and elevated user interaction. This integration guarantees a continuous, uninterrupted service for a truly seamless experience.

- Hygiene and Safety: The mask is crafted from skin-friendly materials, assuring harmlessness. It's also designed for effortless cleaning, while an integrated safety feature acts promptly to halt the device in the event of any irregularities.

- Aesthetics: In harmony with its role as a beauty device, we've curated a design that exudes brightness, cleanliness, modernity, and simplicity. This harmonious blend is tailored to craft a welcoming and visually captivating user experience.

  • Innovation

- Cold Stimulation Technology: COOLBRIGHT (CB) utilizes cutting-edge cold stimulation technology, strategically harnessed to regulate melanocyte activity, and curtail melanin production, resulting a discernibly lighter skin tone. This innovative approach provides a non-invasive avenue to achieve radiant skin devoid of the expenses associated with dermatologist appointments or high-end salon procedures.

- Versatile Face Adaptation Mechanism: The CB mask incorporates a unique mechanical mechanism that adjusts to diverse face profiles. comprising two sides interconnected by hinges, this design marvel effortlessly conforms to nearly every facial shape – be it angular, broad, round, pointed, or any other distinctive form. This adaptability ensures a comfortable and effective fit.

- Advanced Engineering Features: The engineering behind CB includes innovative features. From the flexible Peltier device ensuring precise temperature control, to the coolant circulating mechanism for rapid adjustments, and user-friendly operation, all the way to network connectivity for remote updates. These engineering innovations aim to provide users with a personalized and effective skincare solution.  A new benchmark for at-home beauty devices is set as these engineering feats redefine the landscape of personalized beauty solutions.

  • Technical Specifications

- Size: less than 11.8 w 11.8 L  19.7 H [in]

- Temperature range(mask): 41-68℉ (5~20℃)

- Temperature range(water): 59~86℉ (15~30℃)

- Response time(ΔT=10K, Mask): T ≤ 5sec

- Weight(station): less than 17 lb (≤8 kg)

- Weight(Mask): less than 1.1 lb(≤500g)

- Power consumption: less than 150W

- Suggested retail price: approximately USD 2,500